5 Best Browsers that Work Optimal On Smartphones with SnapDragon Processors

Currently a lot of Android-based smartphones that is supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Therefore, it makes sense if you are looking for applications that are optimized for this processor.

Therefore, this time Jaka will discuss five best browsers that can work optimally in Snapdragon. Of course, by installing the right browser, will enhance your experience in using Android smartphone. Check out more:

1. YuBrowser

YuBrowser has some similarities with Google Chrome browser, but YuBrowser offers some new features. If your hobby of storing bookmarks in Google Chrome and intend to move to YuBrowser, calmly, YuBrowser allows you to login to Google ID and sync all the information available in your Google ID.

Browser speed is quite the same as other browsers. There will be no long delays due to the cache feature. So, if you’re bored with chrome browser, YuBrowser can be a choice for you guys.

2. Pyrope Browser

Pyrope Browser is one browser that has a pretty good look and offers an enhanced web surfing experience for Snapdragon processor users. Fast and secure compared to other browsers. Pyrope Browser has a feature to filter unwanted ads so your browsing experience will not be interrupted by a pop-up advertisement.

Pyrope Browser has Power Saving feature that allows for battery power saving by disabling specific functions. And the most you will love is the Night Mode feature, with this mode, while browsing will be more comfortable in your eyes. There is also Edge Navigation feature that allows you to go back or forward just by swiping the edge of the screen. There are so many features, how are you interested in using Pyrope Browser?

3. Chromium build by Arter97

Google Chrome is an open-source browser. Therefore, many developers are trying to build a code to create a unique browser. However, not much can approach the success of the renowned XDA developer – Arter97. This browser is wholly optimized for Snapdragon processors. Unfortunately, the developers have stated that there will be no further updates on this browser.

However, for now, this browser is not out of date. There are several features that you can use in this browser such as shifting functions by rubbing the screen, edge navigation, and more. But remember, this is not a regular Google Store app that you can install on smartphones, Google detects apps as Unknown Sources. Therefore, you need to give special permission to use this browser.

4. Jswarts Browser

Jswarts Browser is one of the reasonably straightforward browsers and has been optimized for Snapdragon-based usage. Although this browser does not have many features on offer, Jswarts Browser is famous for its speed in loading most sites. The developers of Jswarts Browser have got rid of debugging that tends to slow down the browser. Therefore, this browser can operate faster than other browsers.

5. RBrowser

The unique thing about Rbrowser is that it looks more retro than other browsers. However, compared to other browsers, Browser does not have any additional features that are unique, though optimized for Snapdragon-based usage. For Those who prefer the Older appearance than the contemporary appearance, Rbrowser might be your selection.

Those are some browsers that are optimized for Snapdragon processors. Which is better suited to you guys?

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