Application of IF and COUNTIF Functions

The function of IF and COUNTIF is one of the functions in Microsoft Excel. IF to determine the value under True or False conditions. And COUNTIF to count characters with specified conditions.

The IF function is used to make decisions in a condition that is True or false. IF function uses relational operator (Operator comparison) that is =, >, >=, <, <= or (>.

So IF function is a function to make decisions based on existing conditions. The Function COUNT to count the number of characters. Combine with IF to COUNTIF so this function to count the number of characters based on certain conditions.

Examples of IF and COUNTIF Function Implementation

Here is an example of using the IF function and COUNTIF in Microsoft Excel. sample data like the image below

Master data IF dan CountIf

In the description column on Cell E4 type the following formula correctly and note the use of the comma (,) or semicolon (;).

  • =IF(D4<70,”Remedial”,IF(D4=70,”Tuntas”,IF(D4>70,”Terlampui”)))

Copy Paste the formula into the description column to Cell E13. Consider the following picture.

Rumus If pada kolom keterangan

The IF Function Formula

Next, on Cell E14, E15 and E16, follow the following formula.

  • =COUNTIF(E4:E13,”Tuntas”)
  • =COUNTIF(E4:E13,”Remedial”)
  • =COUNTIF(E4:E13,”Terlampaui”)

The COUNTIF formula will look like the picture below.

Rumus Countif pada kolom keterangan

The COUNTIF formula

If all the formulas have been applied, then the result looks like the picture below.

Perenapan Fungsi IF dan COUNTIF

IF and COUNTIF Functions

If you are still having difficulties in implementing the functions of IF and COUNTIF, please be calm I tell you the training file.

Exercise files can be downloaded through the link below.

Download the Exercise File IF and COUNTIF

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