How to Install WordPress in Your Web Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for a blogging platform. In addition, WordPress is very easy to learn, although you are a new user though. Business websites, blogs, online shopping can easily be created using WordPress. To install WordPress does not take a long time, just takes less than five minutes. I will provide information on how to install WordPress on your web hosting via the Softaculous Apps Installer menu.


The thing to think about before you create a blog or website is you must have a domain name and web hosting for WordPress. Best hosting providers can be found at Google. I myself use the hosting service Indonesia that is Niagahoster. Or you can ask your hosting partner that he thinks is good.

You are still learning phase, you can take the hosting package is cheap but has features not far from the business package for example. And also your web hosting can accommodate at least more than 10 websites with different domain names.

Let’s discuss how to install WordPress:


Softaculous is a menu to install WordPress. In addition to WordPress, Softaculous has many CMS options like Joomla, AbantCart, Drupal, and others. Before Installing WordPress, Login to your cPanel page first by accessing the URL domain_name.com/cpanel. Then enter your admin user and password. After that on the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER tab select the WordPress icon. take a look at the screenshot below:

Install WordPress from Softaculous

Install WordPress from Softaculous

Steps to install WordPress

After the WordPress icon is clicked, you will be directed to the Sofraculous. Click Install Now, Display Form WordPress configuration is open. You have to fill in some important information there.

  1. Choice Protocol: choose the protocol you will use, HTTP or HTTPS.
  2. Choice Domain: choose the domain you have.
  3. In Directory: This section you can empty.
  4. Site Name: the contents of the website name you want to use.
  5. Site Description: fill in a description of your website.
  6. Admin User: create an admin user that is used to login to your website.
  7. Admin password: create a password that is used to login to your website.
  8. Select Language: choose the language you normally use.
  9. Advanced Options: leave the default only.
  10. Select Theme: choose a theme you like. If you want to install the theme through your website dashboard, then you do not need to choose the theme provided.
  11. Then click Install and wait until the process is complete

The WordPress install process has finished. If the WordPress Install Process is complete, there is a notification that Install has been successful. Successful WordPress installation can be viewed like the screenshot below:

Install WordPress from Softaculous

Install WordPress from Softaculous

The image above has the URL domain_name.com/wp-admin/, it is the URL to enter your website dashboard. Please access the URL and enter Admin User and Admin Password when you do the WordPress installation process earlier.

Easy is not to pass WordPress Installation through web hosting. You who do not know at all how to install WordPress via Softaculous can definitely do it. Or if you are still having trouble, try to find a complete source. Or you can watch the Install WordPress tutorial video on Youtube.

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