IF Function In Microsoft Excel

The IF function returns a value if the condition is checked TRUE and returns another value if the conditions checked are FALSE. The IF function is one of the most commonly used excel formulas.

Syntax: IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false])

Suppose there is data like the picture below

Master data If in microsoft excel

Example The If Function

There are data of 5 women with weight and height. BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated by dividing body weight (in kg) by height (in meters) squared. Calculate BMI with a simple formula.

Formula BMI = weight/((high/100)^2))

The result is like the picture below.



If BMI is greater than or equal to 25 it is categorized as overweight. Which of the 5 data above has excess body weight? To answer this question using the IF function with the BMI criteria> = 25. Place the cursor in cell E2, then type the formula below.

= IF (D2> = 25, “Excess weight”, “”)

D2 is a cell containing BMI data for the first data, the D2 in cell data is to be checked whether it is greater than or equal to 25. “Excess weight” is the word that appears if BMI is checked in cell D2 according to criteria and if not match then it does not show anything.

Copy cell E2, then paste in range E3: E6, the result as shown below.

If Function in microsoft excel

The results from the above figures are Ana and Axa have an excess weight based on the calculation of BMI.

If you want to have the training file, please download via the link below.

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