INT Function in Microsoft Excel

INT function for rounding numbers. No matter how many numbers behind the comma, INT sees the numbers in front of the comma only.

The INT function simply takes the numbers in front of a comma. INT is not affected no matter what the value of the number is behind the comma. Example:

  • number 25.79 using INT (25.76), then to 25
  • number 26.09 using INT (26.09), then to 26

So, it’s clear that INT just takes the numbers in front of a comma without looking at the numbers behind the comma.

Example IF function

The following is an example of using the IF Function in Microsoft Excel. First, create data like the image below:

Master data INT

In the INT column in cell E5, type the formula “INT (E5)” then copy and paste to cell E9. Writing the formula looks like the picture below:

Formula INT Function

The results of the IF Function implementation look like the picture below:

Results INT Function

It is easy to learn IF function. I am happy to share files exercise INT function.

You can download files exercise INT function via the link below and free.

Download The Exercise File INT Function

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