Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Application) Introduction

Visual Basic for Application is abbreviated to VBA is an event-based programming language (incident) created by Microsoft Corporation. VBA is included in Microsoft Office products such as MS-EXCEL, MS-WORD, and MS-ACCESS.

Visual Basic for Application helps programmers to build applications to solve problems. The advantage of VBA is that it does not require Visual Basic Programming Application installed on the computer. If you install Microsoft Office Application, then VBA is included.

Visual Basic for Application has been available since a version of MS-Office 97 to MS-Office now. Excel VBA is the most used and most popular. The advantage is that you can build applications in Microsoft Excel.

Use of Visual Basic for Application

You may ask why using Visual Basic for Application (VBA)? In MS-EXCEL itself provides many functions. Excel only provides a built-in standard that may not be sufficient to solve complex problems. This is where we need VBA.

Displaying VBA Editor

By default, Excel does not display the VBA editor window. To display the VBA editor window, simply press “ALT + F11” to access the VBA editor window. The VBA editor window view looks like the image below:

Tampilkan Visual Basic untuk Aplikasi (VBA)

Display Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

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