For new users of WordPress will be wondering what the plugin is and what the usefulness of the plugin for WordPress is, to get rid of your curiosity then in this article I want to explain entirely about whether it is plugins, plugin work steps and the benefits of WordPress plugins.

Plugins you will need if you are a WordPress user in your hosting or self-hosting, for free WordPress users who list on WordPress.com, then it does not require plugins because there is no feature to add or install plugins. WordPress.com is automatically customized to work well behind the scenes, so free WordPress users need only a list and do a few settings.


Plugins are separate software that has independent functionality that is not present in WordPress by default. Plugins can extend functionality and usability or add new features to WordPress sites so that WordPress can be used for various site purposes. Plugins for WordPress are created using the PHP programming language that can integrate with WordPress.

Plugins play a crucial part in WordPress. Even plugins may be stated to be an inseparable part of WordPress. Collars have lots of distinct purposes and use based on the demands of your website. For instance: whenever you wish to construct an internet store site in WordPress, then you’ve got to install plugins such as WooCommerce or WP eCommerce which have features and functions for internet shops.


WordPress is composed in this manner that other programmers can add their code to it. The WordPress plugin API delivers a collection of filters and pins that enable programmers to modify present WordPress performance or add new operation.

WordPress also enables programmers to store information in WordPress databases. Plugins can use WordPress content forms, taxonomies, and spiritual fields that allow users to save unique kinds of articles instead of merely pages and posts.

Each WordPress plugin installed on your website is recorded in your WordPress database. It is possible to turn it off and on whenever you desire.

At every visit, WordPress links to the database, loads the heart applications, loads your busy login. All this code is processed on your server and then sent into the consumer’s browser.

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To get the WordPress plugin, you can go to the Plugins »Add New menu, on the site you will see a large list of WordPress plugins available to you or you can go directly to the WordPress.org site and enter the WordPress plugin directory more precisely on the” Plugins “menu. Or can be through the following link ⇒ WordPress Plugin.


In addition to the free plugins that you can get from the WordPress.org plugin directory, you can use third-party plugins from top WordPress developers or through marketplaces like Codecanyon. There are many fantastic commercial or pro plugins available from third-party companies and developers. The advantages of using this premium version plugin are much more features and support provided when you’re having difficulty using plugins.

Why would you wish to cover a plugin? Well, there are numerous reasons below which you have to consult.

  • Even though there are thousands of plugins available at no cost in the Plugins directory, compensated plugins offer you complete support team, and programmers will always keep the safety and compatibility of all plugins with the most recent versions of WordPress as well as with different plugins and themes.
  • The majority of the time, plugins operate nicely with heart files from WordPress along with different plugins, but occasionally plugin doesn’t work with different plugins efficiently or not at all functioning that will lead to compatibility problems. With paid or expert plugins, you may quickly ask support from support staff that will assist you to resolve the issue.
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If you ask useful plugin for what then the answer is a useful plugin to add a feature on WordPress website to your liking. With so many WordPress plugins as I have explained above, of course, plugins have many different uses to meet the needs of WordPress users so that WordPress platform can be used to create various websites.

WordPress by default when you first install it only has minimal features and maybe it only you can use to create a site like a blog or a website with minimalist capabilities and runs less than the maximum. But when you add plugins for SEO optimization then WordPress will become very powerful and ready to compete in search engines. Or when you want to need WordPress to build an online store site then you need to install eCommerce plugin. Here are a few examples for you:

  • When you want to create an online store, then you need a WooCommerce plugin.
  • When you want WordPress friendly with search engines you need SEO plugins like All in One SEO or SEO by Yoast.
  • When you want to improve the security of WordPress you need a Security plugin like iThemes Security.
  • When you want to add a contact feature, you can use the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • And many more.


It is also possible to download and set up manually using the FTP client program. And a few of the top benefits of employing a version variant of WordPress is the capability to upload, install and utilize plugins on your WordPress website.

For plugin settings won’t be the same, You will find plugins which when installing and triggered immediately get the job done, there’s a plugin which needs setup but requires just an elementary setting and also, there are plugins with settings that you want to configure with higher precision and detail. Thus you should read or study a few tips to use the plugin that you may utilize.

Because most plugins are free (free), it is essential to be aware that plugins typically do not include technical assistance. Because of this, it’s necessary to take care when selecting which plugin if you need to set up on your website. Even though there are plugins which can perform just for any purpose, but there are some attributes which are a lot greater than that. To be able to decide on the best one, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • Can the plugin get constant updates?
  • Can the plugin users receive answers to their service/service questions?
  • What’s the evaluation of the plugin?
  • And a Lot More.

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